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Small Business Consulting
No matter what the size of the business there are times that we all need a helping hand. As a small business, a Mom and Pop concern or a single owner, you may not have access to the resources to evaluate your business and find the best path to success. We can provide help for the smalles or largest business in a way that your budget will appreaciate.
Business Plans
An important part of any business is a good outlook for the future. Some businesses just focus on survival through the current month or season. A well thought out 3 year plan or 5 year plan will help keep you focused on long term success.
Marketing Plans
No business is successful without good marketing. We can bring experience to the table in marketing through print, web, social media and broadcast. A successful targeted and tracked marketing plan can be set for the short or long term and integrated into a successful business plan.
Analyze Your Business
We provide analysis of your business from the top down in an objective way. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you and hard to see. Sometimes it is obscure and takes some digging. An analysis will provide a way to create a successful map to the future or find that small financial drain that will help out in the present.
IT Services
Greg Bartlett Consulting provides consulting services and a full range of IT solutions for your business. We are experienced and capable to provide new installation of wiring infrastructure or upgrade of old infrastructure. We can handle installation, setup, configuration, and management of small or large network systems for hotel, hospitality, resturant or business.
Home Computing
Many times the large professional companies forget services for the small and home computer owner. We provide a broad range or services for the home user from virus removal and optimization to hardware repair and replacement all at reasonable rates.