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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Nice Mac feature

I haven’t been much of a mac person since OS 7. I check in regularly to see if they have anything going worth switching for but so far I stay with Windows and Linux. Parallels has just put out something for Leopard that does get my attention. They have a product called Desktop Premium Edition […]

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New switch and SQL reports

Well another day another dollar. (Yes I got a raise). We are ready for the training seminar in sales tomorrow but the ice storm cancelled the trainer’s flight. I am taking the time to upgrade the office building’s main switch. When we put offices into this building there was plenty of bandwidth. These days we […]

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Vista piracy

I just read that Microsoft announced Vista was hacked half as much as XP. This piracy rate is based on WGA data and other unspecified internal data. I have to recount my experiences so far with Vista. I assumed that it would be kind of like XP was and not really ready for the first […]

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A Great Article

I was just sent a link to this article.,140150/article.html  I had to take a breeak from the “who-is-sitting-where-and-where-do-we-put-the-tables-and-the-router-for-this” meeting to read it. I totally agree with the article and fondly remember the days of fast computer boots with no registry to futz around with. Programs ran without being installed and you could take them […]

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Getting ready for the big training session

I thought this would be a good start to the blog. Here you might just get a flavor of what my day is like now. I have been for the last five years working as the System Administrator for a hotel group in Arkansas. I know I could make three times more money living anywhere […]

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