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Hi there all. Just getting some free time here and there to look up our best options for security for all the clients. Also doing some security checks. Wheeeee!

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The fine arts of social media

Everyone says the internet is making the world a smaller place. I think That with all the options like plurk, my space, facebook, wordpress, twitter,….and on and on, the world is still plenty large. The challenge is in propper integration. Too many small businesses out there try to rely on these media without understanding them. […]

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Hard financial times

Seems these days everywhere you turn people are talking about the hard times, the lack of jobs and the rush to move to better job markets. I am sure with all the people that are working in the tech industry with just a degree and mid level skills there is some problem to discuss. With […]

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Getting ready for the big training session

I thought this would be a good start to the blog. Here you might just get a flavor of what my day is like now. I have been for the last five years working as the System Administrator for a hotel group in Arkansas. I know I could make three times more money living anywhere […]

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