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Choosing the right smartphone

How to Choose a Smart Phone


Choosing a smart phone today is like choosing a good pair of shoes. There are lots of considerations like style, functionality, fit, durability, expected lifespan and personality. Style and personality are closely related but you can share the same style with hundreds of people and accessorize to achieve your own personality.

I used several Palm PDAs until I moved to the Blackberry World Edition. I had not used a camera phone and decided it wasn’t as much of an issue for me as the expandability of the World Edition if I traveled to a country with a different phone network protocol. The World Edition would let me keep the same phone in this event. I could keep all my personal notes, contacts and apps and not have to change phones for travel. This aside, there are many things the Blackberry World Edition does not do. I chose to live without them.

I won’t get into reviews of phones here because if you are a fan,  for example,  of the iPhone, I am not going to change your mind just because where I live AT&T offers very little coverage. I like the iTouch so if the iPhone worked here as well as a Verizon phone I would probably get one. If you like the iPhone you will love the Droid. My wife uses it and I am tremendously impressed. It offers the same easy interface that the iPhone does without Apple’s proprietary control of apps so there is much more you can do with it.

Functionality, fit and durability matter. You should decide what you need a phone to do and make a minimum functionality list. Fit is important if you have a unique circumstance. For example, my choice of the World Edition based on travel flexibility goes to the fit of the product. Durability and expected lifespan are different issues. Durability can be addressed with protective cases and methods of use. Expected lifespan has to do with how long will it be before you are likely to want to upgrade to a better phone. You might be able to keep upgrading the software and apps on your existing choice. Once you have addressed your minimum set of requirements, look at your budget and see how much farther than the minimum can you afford. Do all this research before you talk to a salesman. Face it, how many times have you heard a salesman say “You don’t need to spend that much?”

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