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The right tools for the job

Mac vs PC vs Linux! The lineup of a lifetime. Last man standing smackdown!

That might be the title if I were reviewing Operating Systems or OS. I was asked just the other day which OS I preferred. Actually I was asked by a person that wasn’t aware that the difference was OS. They were Mac users who had no idea that a computer was a computer for the most part. To them the difference between Mac and PC was analogous to the difference between a Chevy truck and a UFO from the Pleiades.  I explained that I used to be a Mac user myself but had changed about when Mac OS7 was getting old because PCs passed them at that point in the capability to process graphics. I am a practical person who wants to use the right tool for the job. I am not opposed to Mac at all but in the modern world I can get a PC or a Mac that will do the same things and the PC will cost $500.00 and the Mac will cost $2500.00. It is tempting at this point to call the Mac a Yuppie luxury and a status symbol but then I realize that although I am very careful as an engineer and keep all my systems running without crashes and virus free, The majority of the basic users I know can’t. Mac at least gives you that. If you aren’t tech-educated then the Mac may just be for you. They surf the same web at the same speeds and spit out the same graphics as a much cheaper PC but if you can’t manage to not download that malware by clicking OK every time you see it maybe Mac is good for you.

Linux on the other hand is the best of both worlds for the techie. With Linux you can guarantee at least as good a virus protection as with Mac and it NEVER crashes. I mean NEVER! I have been able to crash it through my ability to do something stupid but I have also seen a version of Linux run a server for 5 years with (zero) 0 downtime. I mean that. ZERO! The only drawback is that you really do have to know how to configure and use it. Otherwise it would be the number one computer system out there.

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